Sign Of The Times: What Is Fair? (The DLC Debate)

The Start Screen writes,

What a crazy age we live in.We live in the age of Twitter and instant updates. Instant gratification is in and of course technology will be the first to harness and cultivate our needs. Though video games may not fall in the category of 'necessity', try convincing gaming companies to the contrary. I am sure avid WoW players and Pokemon collectors also have problems resisting new content as well. Downloadable content is here fellow gamers. As much as it proposes the argument of how strong a foothold games have on our society, it may prove just how far game developers and distributors are willing to go to juice the naive. What is fair?

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MercWithAmouth3498d ago

This is where 'fairness' is questioned. Burnout: Paradise literally gave users a years worth of downloadable content and updates for free. Now the gaming community complains once Electronic Arts announces they are releasing pay content. To this, I say to gamers: "Grow a pair."

It depends on the value content, $12.99 for a set of 9 miniature cars is absolutely ridiculous. They sell the game itself for $19.99 over PSN! This is the kind of stuff we unlocked with cheat codes, like a big head mode.