Activision Defends Transformers: The Game

Activision producer Callum Godfrey has responded to CVG's article concerning Transformers with the following statement:

"We're really disappointed you guys didn't get an accurate impression of what Transformers: The Game is all about and the direction in which we're headed. A work in progress system was shown that we finished putting together in the early hours of that morning specifically for a first-look presentation.

We should perhaps have made it clearer to you guys that the physics system is not yet final and a large number of animations and reactions of the Transformers have yet to be implemented. These are due to come online during the next few weeks, and will help to make the player feel like they are taking heavy hits or are themselves generating considerable mass and force behind their own attacks. We agree this is crucial for a game about giant robots and this is where we're headed..."

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