Infamous: new videos

Sony Computer Entertainment unveils new videos of Infamous, scheduled for June on PlayStation 3.

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peedie164095d ago

they could use the second video as a promotional ad

kingOVsticks4095d ago

but I doubt it just like that killzone 2 ballet of death that would have been a good commercial. The second video was awesome, I really liked it after the 1 minute mark where he just had this chain of hits and just kept coming after the poor guy wearing the snuggie XD

criticalzero4095d ago

I really hope Sony does that....and they should F*ing Viral Campaign this looks not like an action game only....but some parents who are oblivious to games..may watch the TV add and say, "hey..this might look very cool and hip for my son...why not surprise him???"...that happened to me with R&C, Jack when they aired it for the PS2...and I know tons of other ppl also...

StephanieBBB4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

The combo when he brings that guy down from the roof and crushes him on the ground made me litterly say what I was thinking "WOW" and the explosion before that when he hovers over to the rail track and throws out those "mini nukes?" also made my jaw hit the floor.

I've never seen this good character animation in my life. Amazing!

himdeel4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

...however a blind deaf mute paraplegic chimp advertises better than Sony. Gamers know these games are coming out but whw else knows about this game? I've only bought PS3 exclusive games since GTA4 but Sony needs to do a better job of marketing their products.

I currently only have a PS3, I thoroughly enjoy the selection of games and functionality of the system and I'm always pleasantly pleased to talk to others about the PS3 but hey it's not my job to hype of their games nor their products. I expect lackluster marketing for Infamous...and it makes me bitter because it's a great system with great games.

/steps off soapbox

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4095d ago
criticalzero4095d ago

Is it just me....or is there something about this game that is yelling...TROPHIES!!!!.... This and uncharted seem perfect for trophies......Uncharted is the only game where I played and played just to get the Platinum...this is looking just like that....can not wait!!!

rbluetank4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

i can not wait to play this game... is it me or is most of Xbox 360 exclusive games not polish as good as ps3 exclusives.

fable2 the game looks last gen. it plays well but looks bland!!!

Halo3 the game looks last gen on all the indoor parts and characters face models... the outdoor parts were avg good but haze has it beat. when haze wins on outdoor graphic then that says alot against
how bad halo3 was on outside graphics.

LBP polished....

Killzone 2 polished.... has tiny load issues in sp. each sp level is 2g long.. hot dam!!

can some name a polished 360 game thats exclusive.

no to gears2
gears2 has load very big load issues. and very bad AI all away around.... the mp was broke after release....

please name a couple of games with very little problems... all games has some problems.

table4094d ago

360 multiplatform games look more polished than their ps3 counterparts and why 'no to gears2'? It looks incredible.

PS3 exclusives look the most polished and have the best graphics though. Im hoping Infamous can beat GTA4. The gameplay and graphics look good so far.

Freakwave0034095d ago

Nathan Drake and Cole should team up in the next game since they both like climbing and covering.

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The story is too old to be commented.