DarkZero Review: X-Blades

X-blades tells the story of a treasure hunter, who goes by the name of Ayumi. The game's opening scene starts off with Ayumi finding the other half of a relic she owned. The relics fuse together to reveal a map of the location of two powerful artifacts, the dark orb and the light orb. These two orbs contain the power of two entities that ruled over the world. Ayumi is on a mission to find these orbs and make them her own treasures. The game begins with Ayumi already at the dark orb location and starts off with you fighting against a guardian of the dark orb. Unleashing the dark orb has released the dark entity and infused the island's monsters with darkness. Ayumi's quest is to cure herself of the curse and get rid of the darkness. The story isn't the game's strong point as it's quite forgettable

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