Orchestra not needed in Twilight Princess, says Kondo

Nintendo's game music guru, Koji Kondo, says that he "didn't see the need" for fully orchestrated music in Twilight Princess.

According to the highly respected composer, who's responsible for much of the music in Mario and Zelda games, the decision not to use an orchestra was not influenced by a lack of cash or time.

"In the end it was not about the time or budget; we had the time and the budget, and it wasn't a Nintendo philosophical stance", Kondo told IGN.

"Basically while we were working on the game and creating the music, we never really felt that this was a place that needed a full orchestra. We never got the feeling that 'Oh this would be a place that could make more of an impact with a full orchestra'. We just didn't see the need for it this time," he explained.

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ChickeyCantor4630d ago

lets be honest, the music sounds good, if 1 didnt complain about the music no one would have.

anthonsh4630d ago

I'd have to agree. I think the "no music" thing is only mentioned because the game is so good people feel like they have to mention anything and everything that isnt absolutely perfect. Lets face it, the difference between synthesized music and an orchestra is minimal when you're busy trying to fight monsters and solve a puzzle. 9.3 -> 9.5 maybe.