Audiosurf receives update on Steam

Updates have been added to Dylan Fitterer's award winning puzzle/rhythm title Audiosurf.

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cheetorb4166d ago

Man this game sure would be cool on PS3 or 360 or even my Mac

ParanoidMonkey4166d ago

It's certainly a great game. XBLA/PSN releases would definitely get my (second) purchase.

kwicksandz4166d ago

Best $10 ive spent in ages!

LeonSKennedy4Life4166d ago

Am I missing something?

Every reviewer and gamer LOVES this game! How do you enjoy it?

I honestly feel like I'm missing an important aspect of the gameplay. Help me!

free2game3654165d ago

One thing you have to realize is that to get a mac devkit, you need to buy an Imac. No self respecting game designer is going to do that.

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LeonSKennedy4Life4166d ago

I bought this game and I hate it!

It blows!

It's like Guitar Hero...only there are only 3 buttons, the notes never match up with the actual melody (only the beat), and it lags every once in awhile.


How do you guys enjoy this game?

cheetorb4166d ago

maybe the music you listen to blows! You do know you use your music don't you?

azazin4165d ago

The game is fun lol plus it may lagg because your system may be too slow for the game, or you need to do some optimizing. :)