Nintendo details Punch-Out!!

As sumarized by Nintendo Everything:

"- Can execute hooks, uppercuts, Star Punches with Wii Remote/nunchuck
- Attempt to become champ of Minor, Major, World ranking organizations
- Fight against Glass Joe, Don Flamenco, King Hippo
- Play against 13 fighters in all
- Jabs with the Nunchuck Control Stick when punching
- Star Punch with C or A buttons
- Learn opponents attack patterns
- Game has a tutorial mode to guide players through basics
- Multiplayer mode included
- Giga Mac gauge built up in Head-to-Head mode by landing and dodging blows
- Can unleash serious damage when Giga Mac gauge is full
- Career, Exhibition, Head-to-Head modes confirmed
- Can be played with the Wii Remote held sideways"

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Monteblanco3499d ago

All but balance board controls. I wonder how multiplayer will play, as previous Punch Out!! were all about figuring out the right tactics to beat your opponent. I guess multiplayer will not be as engaging although it wouldn't be hard to beat Wii Sports Boxing in that department.

hatchimatchi3498d ago

its the same game as the nes version? doesn't mean it wont be fun, but it just seems like an upgrade of mike tyson's punch-out. Weird that there's no balance board support though, that would've been really cool. Im really glad that you can hold the wiimote sideways, wii sports boxing could be really unresponsive at times. Im sure this one will have way better controls, but its nice to know that you can use the controller in case they are still finicky.

ChaoticStupid3498d ago

Yes its the exact same game down to every detail. Much the same way God Of War 3 will be exactly like God of War.