Does Sony Fear Microsoft Marketing? Where's The Aggression?

There was a time when you could say the name Playstation and everyone would want to jump on board talking about the Playstation 1 and 2 successes; time has unfortunately changed since 1994 & 2000. Playstation was launched and it didn't make a big bang at first because everyone was doubtful that Sony (new to console development business) didn't know what they were doing but Sony proved with great aggression and marketing strategies that they did know what they were doing.

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Theoneneo813500d ago

MS Marketing please there marketing is the worst ever the Jerry seinfeild ads were probably the worst ads ive seen in a while

be_wrong3500d ago

it's the other way around since the start. that's why M$ keeps cashing in on games even for a timed exclusitivity

Lifendz3500d ago

I was one of the people that critized HHG for the quality of some of his articles but his articles have gotten least in terms of grammar.

Good read. Sony marketing needs to really step up.

panasonic233500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

MS marketing is the best Gears of war 2 commercial we all know how this will end was awesome let not forget the awesome halo 3 commercial and fable 2.

eagle213500d ago

PS3 is strong. So is this talking about american marketing, cause the japanese marketing is obviously working being its the most expensive and outselling the competition.

Sony signed a exclusive deal with the new yankees stadium showcasing playstation. They have a very aggressive marketing campaign for 2009.

sulack3500d ago

Not reading because its hiphop

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