PS3 is 'Going to Stand the Test of Time'

The PS3's current price has been a subject of constant debate among industry analysts. Rumors of price cuts have been flying fast and wild of late, many of which see a price drop in the next month or two. Speaking to GameDaily BIZ in an interview, SCEA's Senior VP of Marketing Peter Dille sees not a high price in the PS3, but high value.

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thezuur3502d ago

i just saw in BogusBuy today they had a special sign that read ~we will match any price for new unopened ps3 thru the end of march.

makes me wonder.

eagle213502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

it actually works and isn't outdated. I also like how he is so consumed and excited with what PlayStation is doing that he never mentions competition. :)

He also talked about PlayStation having been in not one, but two 10 year lifecycles before. And that is why he excited.