PSi: Killzone 2 Review

PSi writes: "The PlayStation brand has been in a desperate need of it's own Halo, a game that is able to grab the attention of players, hold it and generate a rabid fan base. Killzone 2 fits the bill perfectly. Unless you absolutely hate first-person shooters, clear a spot on your shelf for Killzone 2".

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ProperFunked3499d ago

how is it that people are still posting reviews about the game. we already KNOW its a good game. we don't need more reviews a month later telling us that

stagga3498d ago

I mean even if you're a 2 bit nobody site surely you can make the effort to buy the game at the time of release? What exactly IS the point in a review at this point? If you didn't get sent a review copy then it's a sad fact that pretty much no-one is going to read your review!