Midnight Club: Los Angeles DLC Delayed again for Xbox 360

Ve3tro writes: "The Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central expansion has unfortunately once again been delayed, this time only for the Xbox 360 version. While the Playstation 3 version has gone live and is now available at the Playstation Store.

The Xbox 360 version has encountered a bug and will be stuck in the garage instead of tearing up the streets for the time being."

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Zeus Lee3525d ago

Hm,wonder what the cause could be

the_gaming_guy3525d ago

I thought R* were supposed to be good at developing games?

I've been waiting on this for ages, first they accidentally release it early in January, then withdraw it. Then they say its due on 12th March. On the 13th March, they say "Err..actually next week, the 19th".

So I waited yesterday...and yet again, NO COMMUNICATION FROM R*. I'm annoyed in case you can't tell. What the hell are bug testers for?

chasegamez23525d ago

the development kit red ring of death

Dimitri3525d ago

Thats consoles was a failure right from the start.

Microsoft had to drop the price like 10 times so that people buy that piece of junk.

XBOX 360 is for poor people who cannot afford a better choice.

daredevil4543525d ago

Dimitri u dont know half around your ass, It has nothing to do with the 360 itself it has to do with Rockstars staffing

Dimitri3525d ago

I remember one dev saying "If it works on PS3, it will work on the 360".

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