Reggie says Wii will use SD Card

In an interview with Game Informer Magazine, newly crowned President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, revealed that the Nintendo Wii will use several methods of storage, including SD Cards.

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Schmitty076185d ago

Now I can lose these new SD cards easier than the memory cards!

I hope there is a hard drive

LilClaw6185d ago

Well at least there's another use for them besides cameras and PSPs.

Shadow Flare6185d ago

my samsung e900 uses sd cards. There pretty cool. Real small though. If they held enough memory so that would never have to take it out, then fine, but a bigger card would be easier not to lose and hard drive would be most idle. Nintendo is trying to make the wii cheap though, that's the thing. And SD cards are real cheap. So it has good and bad things about it