IGN: Knights in the Nightmare Hands-on

Seeing as March has been a blockbuster month for DS titles already, IGN figured it was time to blow the roof out on yet another must-have offering that's headed to Nintendo's dual screen handheld in just a couple months. Knights in the Nightmare is developed by Sting, who is the Japanese team responsible for such classics as Riviera and Ydggra Union. On Game Boy Advance, Riviera got a straight 9/10 from IGN, and its PSP port has also been very well received. This is a studio that knows beautiful visuals, but also one that – like Treasure – is hell-bent on making games that define their own genres, instead of fitting into other formulas. If you played any of Sting's previous games, you should already know what to expect with Knights in the Nightmare, and that is, quite simply, the unexpected.

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