Gamespot: Steal Princess Hands-On

Atlus is hard at work bringing over games that we normally wouldn't see in North America. The publisher's latest addition to the Nintendo DS library is an action puzzle platformer game that is intended to put your mushy brain to the test. An endless stream of increasingly complex levels requires some basic platforming skills as well as your keen problem-solving abilities to reach the end goal. You play as the young thief Anise, a sassy girl with long tresses and an eye patch, who is mistaken for the next up-and-coming legendary hero and must traverse through intricate and often dangerous areas to save a kidnapped prince. There are more than 150 stages, and Gamespot has only been able to skim the surface. The game is preset with ample tricky obstacles to overcome, but you can also create your own levels and share them with other players over Nintendo Wi-Fi or local wireless.

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