Can the Lack of Exclusives Hurt Xbox 360?

Thus far, Microsoft has been able to survive in the console gaming market, something we must all agree on. Whether it be marketing, hardware, or software, Microsoft has found their elixir for North American console mainstay. Looking specifically at the software, you could probably deduct that Microsoft has a strong exclusive following. While this may be true to some degree, it's no secret that Microsoft actually has little capital in first party development when compared to the likes of Nintendo's or Sony's get-ups.

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panasonic233526d ago

so the xbox 360 have no games this year and it still outselling the ps3 wow .

strotee3526d ago

why comment on an article you reported as lame?

evilmonkey5013525d ago

people really don't care about games. Like us for example...all we do is argue who sold more or who is more expensive or which one breaks actually has nothing to do with games. Its all about being "cool". Not about gaming. That's at least what Ive learned from this website.

talltony3525d ago

This year just started wow. And ps3 cost 200 dollars more wow. I am more excited for ps3's upcoming exclusives than 360's wow.

deadreckoning6663525d ago

yep...the problem is that the mainstream audience resonates with the 360. If everyone sees that most people own 360, they will assume its the best console of choice. Their are WAYYYYY too many uneducated gamers out there and they don't know that Ps3 will have the better games.

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pwnsause3526d ago

the fact that it sold 391k in feburary means it doesnt. sony better drop the price by $100. if not they're f**ked.

swiftshot933526d ago

yup. 360 doesnt need exclusives to sell. 319 is good. BUT really this gaming machine is only $200 freaking dollars, why isnt flying off the shelves? Not exclusives, but maybe marketing? Maybe brand?

CrazzyMan3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

The FACT, PS3 is outselling x360 in JAPAN and Europe in February.

Anyway, enjoy sales, while i will enjoy with GREAT PS3 games NOW and GREAT sales of PS3 after PRICECUT.

Good Luck, you will need it.

ActionBastard3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

The fact that the 360 outsold the PS3 by 120K disagrees.

Danja3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

but come this E3 if Sony finally announce there price cut plus with all the exclusive games they will be talking about and if they happen to mention GOW3 or's a wrap..

now if M$ goes to E3 and dont announce wow the crowd with there line up it could cause trouble for them in later in the fall , yes they have Halo 3 :ODST , but come on it's Halo 3 again no master chief lets see how that goes.

they better announce they better go wake up..Alan...cuz he's needed now

@above - yes they are selling 360's for $200 they should be selling twice as much 360's as PS3 monthly...thats not happening , the Wii is $250 and is selling twice as much as the 360.....

eagle213525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

just give them "viva halo pinata DLC". :)

just playing, but seriously.

John Hendry Eden3525d ago

Not in the least. Check all those "Super-Exclusives" that the PS3 has, and none of them have been able to save the console from doom.

xwabbit3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

lol u do know the PS3 has sold more in the same time frame right? and its twice the price? 360 cheaper than the w!! and it still isnt even selling more than it. Really doubt that Sony is doomed with the PS3 cus they keep making new studios. How can a company thats losing as much money as people in here are saying have the time to invest in home and new game studios ??

kwicksandz3525d ago

Its comfortably outselling its HD competition, so im guessing not.

Megaton3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

PS3 had better exclusives last year too, and they still got driven into the ground with "DOOMED! YOU'RE ALL DOOMED!" articles around the end of the year. Didn't matter that they had better games, outsold the 360 in every region until the price drop, and tied for worldwide sales at the end of the year, they're still doomed, DOOMED!

What Microsoft lacks in substance, they more than make up for in PR. You get Greenberg talking about multiplats in an interview when asked about exclusives. You get a barrage of advertisements, some being pulled by force because they're so extremely misleading, but of course only after they've already run for weeks. The 360 will do fine because Microsoft will spin and lie through the teeth until it happens, no matter how badly they lack games.

danfry3525d ago

Sony deserve to come out on top this generation. What with all the R&D they have put in and are continuing to put into the PS3. They really are pulling out the stops to make the PS3 a landmark system.

Give it another year or two and it will be the king of consoles.

Lifendz3525d ago

as long as you can get a 360 for 199.99.

All-33525d ago

Errr... aren't some of you forgetting that Microsoft could also LOWER the Xbox 360 price --> AGAIN...

Aquanox3525d ago

Lack of exclusive would hurt any console... even the Wii.

The thing is, Microsoft will not have an exclusive shortage this year. They're just not letting us now... yet.

FlameBaitGod3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

It wont hurt the 360, cus the 360 already have all the blind fan boys it needs to get the $ they want. Lets get 125 buck hard drives WHOOT! im paying 1 buck for each GB! thats SUPER CHEAP! 360 fan boys make games look AMAZING! when they are not.

indysurfn3525d ago

Microsoft has plenty of exclusives just not 'first' party exclusives, read the article slowly there is a difference between no exclusive and no first party exclusives. The power of suggestion will blind some of the people all of the time. They went with second party so as to reward the independant developers more so than Sony, and Nintendo. In fact only Microsoft will let a company go totally independant (like bungie).

Yeah Sony needs to drop the price at least $100. Think about this if Nintendo is selling twice as many as 360 at 250 then it is selling three times as much as PS3 Hippocrete!

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Why dis3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

They mean lack of games that have been boasted for year and may or may not come out anytime soon with the company knowing so.

Lets wait shall we lol.

Same sh*t different year.

Zeus Lee3526d ago

Of course it can hurt,any platform holder without exclusives=Failure awaits them.

dachiefsman3525d ago

Please show me this statistic or formula....

Narutone663525d ago

than the lack of exclusive. A lot of people I know got fed up with the unreliable hardware that they just gave up and bought a Wii or a PS3 instead.

DelbertGrady3525d ago

"Can the Lack of Exclusives Hurt Xbox 360?"

Yet to be announced exclusives you mean? Nope.

dachiefsman3525d ago

my point was the guy said a ridiculous statement.

to your comment: yea the hardware has failed, and maybe the fix isn't the greatest, but at least they are not leaving you out to dry if you under warranty. Most of the people who have had problems, send the console back and wait. None have went out and bought another console.

Rainstorm813525d ago

PSone and PS2 won out in thier respective generations because of exclusives saturn Dreamcast and Xbox didnt have enough exclusives to compete against Playstation dispite xbox being a more powerful system. In fact the only reason nintendo has survived is because of thier first party exclusives and this generation by going after the untapped market of casual/ non gamers. So exclusives can definately matter. If you look at history the first console to release usually loses the console battle. Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, and coming soon Microsoft Xbox360

(or maybe its sega.......)

Xbox is the BEST3525d ago

What??? Get the history correct.

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Says you3526d ago

Forgotten is it because there's a lot RROD happening and people are just buying a new one cause there first one broke down and the XBox 360 fans wonder why they have 27 million userbase its because there the same people that are buying a new XBox 360 I mean I hear people here in n4g there's broke or stolen or there warranty is expired and would buy a new one so what makes you think the 391k is all genuine? half of those 391k would be from the same people in America not just n4g but in real life.

pwnsause3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

the RROD did not stop 391,000 people last month to buy an Xbox, did it? maybe some of them did buy another one due to the RROD, but they could of bought a PS3.

last month with the january npd, i stated that 50,000 consoles sold over the PS3 wasnt a big deal. This month the 360 managed to sell over 112,000. this is becoming a big problem for Sony and the PS3 in America.

and of course as you have seen, they havent dont a good job marketing games here in the US. the fact that they started advertising KZ2 commercials a week prior to KZ2's launch left me with disgust, not to mention not even displayed "IN-GAME FOOTAGE" all over that bullet commercial.

Right now i cant judge KZ2 on whether it sold well in the US or not because two days isnt accurate enough to tell whether or not KZ2 drove PS3 sales to the top.

Other than that, Im hoping they cut the price on the console by $100 after the end of their fiscal year (March 31) because so far $400 isn't helping them take market share away to attract 3rd party companies to their platform.