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Turn the lights off, crank up the sound system and prepared to get eaten alive. No one is safe!

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Powertesties3590d ago

Completely crazy chaos! Nuff Said!

gw4k3590d ago

Hard as hell! We just made it to level 15....Jesus!

motogamer3590d ago

is right on the money with this one. Those zombies are hardcore. I saw one was freaking awesome. If you have a good sound system you are going to love it.

Damn though, I wish there was a good room to board up in!

ordellsway3590d ago

These zombies are on crack compared to those in the first map. They hit and they hit fast. It is going to take time to learn the ins and outs of this map. Eventually a universal strategy will take hold just as with the first one.

Oh yeah, you can't play with death cards anymore. :-(

motogamer3590d ago

These zombies are hardcore. They run so fast, rip through windows like crazy and hit you 10 times before you know it.

I am looking for some ideas on how to survive....suggestions

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Gamertags3590d ago

I forgot to mention that in the review. Death Cards can no longer be selected for either zombie map. I was enjoying that as well.

gw4k3590d ago

gamertags. Good review!