Nintendo responds to NPD data, Wii Play at over 10 million in the US

Nintendo has officially responded to the latest February 2009 NPD data.

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panasonic233590d ago

Nintendo is destroying the competition damn man

Immortal Kaim3590d ago

Another good month for Nintendo. Hopefully the 'Fad' commentators will be put to pasture. ;)

mint royale3590d ago

the people that still believe the wii is a FAD are either delusional or in denial. How can something that has outpaced the ps2 be a fad? Just because you don't like it or you don't think it will last does not qualify it as a fad. After 3 years at the top for nintendo no one will catch them now.

Gr813590d ago

Really doesn't need to say anything. The numbers speak for themself.

BRG90003590d ago

Which is why they didn't say much. Their release basically boils down to:


Madgunner3590d ago

for next article that title reads Sony Responds to NPD data, Seems pleased

leeger3590d ago

All Nintendo needs to do is to make Wii and DS and then sell it and then make more Wii and Ds and sell more, they don't even need to do/say anything more. Wii fit, wii play and wii sports are actually already to keep the Wii alive and win this gen

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The story is too old to be commented.