1UP: Fight Night Round 4 Preview

Released early in the life of the Xbox 360, Fight Night Round 3 immediately became a hit with both boxing fans and those who just love looking at beautiful graphics. Fast forward 3 years, and fans of the original next-gen boxing game are finally about to get their hands-on the sequel. Plenty has changed in the gaming landscape during the last 36 months. 1UP has seen the release of the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii; Peter Moore left Microsoft and is now heading up EA Sports; and the studio behind the last Fight Night (EA Chicago) has been shut down. Since memories of the last game in the series have started fading, leaving only fond recollections of what wasn't much more than a high-res, tweaked Xbox port, expectations for the follow-up couldn't be much higher.

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BGDad3502d ago

Not sure. Waiting to here about UFC more. I dont see why they dont put more people to work on the Fight Night franchise its frigin awesome in general but generally the games always could use a lot more work. Do they not sell well or something?

I hate using the sticks as well. Definitely dont like the buttons in FN3 but wish they would have improved that..