18 (More) Smokin' Hot/Scary Cosplaying Gamers

Quote from article:
"Potential job dismissal aside, we love seeing attractive people dressed up like freaks, and we know - for a fact - that you do too. The only thing we appreciate more than attractive people dressed up as freaks is freaks trying to dress up as attractive people – in terms of entertainment value that has at least 100% more synergy.

So, without further ado, here is Volume 2 of Cosplaying Gamers gone WILD! 'Wild' as in the 'stupendously attractive and energetic' sense, or 'wild' as in 'gone bush feral' usage of the term. You shouldn't have trouble picking out which is which…"

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FantasyStar3596d ago

I don't like cosplay because I can never be assed with my self to dedicate such time, however I respect the work that people put into their stuff: the attention to detail, the work of gathering all materials. Sure they'll come off looking dorkish, or hot: but the fact that they're doing it and I'm not speaks volumes about dedication right there. Just being that passionate is a win in my book. Gamers are very passive these days that they look down on cosplay when secretly, they wish they looked that good. (or not that bad)

McPerson3596d ago

I just like hot chicks dressing up as game characters. That's why I'm here.

Etseix3596d ago

LOL!!! it was a funny article until i get to the pic about Jesse n James,
-- Where is Jesse? -James ate her- LOL! i wake up all my family (its almost 1 am in here) just from laffin at that xD