TrueGameHeadz: Boing! Docomodake DS Review: Fun With Shrooms

TGH writes: It's not often that mushrooms get to star in their own game. The fungi tend to play second fiddle to other characters, most often mustachioed plumbers. Ignition's latest DS title, "Boing Docomodake DS" actually has very little to do with saving a princess, but that's about all that has in common with Mario. It's actually a bit more in line with the recently released "Mushroom Men," since you play as a mushroom on a quest to save its family. However, this unique puzzle-platformer takes a refreshing approach to navigating levels and stylus based gameplay, that set it apart from, not only Mario's games, but most games on the market as well. What more would you expect for a Japanese telecom mascot?"

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