Why you should try Unreal Tournament 3

Ever wonder why sales are low for this title?
Do you have a PS3 but think this game isn't right for console? Think again!
Read about the games features (trophies, Co-op, new maps, addicting gameplay, MODS!) and watch videos showing yo how you easily install mods! GT Video review and link to mods are included. This is a great game that is worth it's low price.

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paracardium3589d ago

Especially after the the free titan pack.

jagerj3589d ago

Agreed, Games awesome. Once you get the hang of the movement and jumps, there is no other game like it. Double jumping into a wall jump off a ledge just to smack some guy down in the face with a barrage of three rockets....Its like being a videogame pornstar....

ZombieButcher3589d ago

Ppl got turned off this game at the Beginning cause of the online and the bugs it had. But they have fixed a lot of that and just playing offline with bots is still fun.

This game for the price is outstanding.

Cynical-Gamerzus3589d ago

Agreed Amazing Game and so much added replay value!!
Not only is this game gorgeous its packed with replay value Get IT!!!
And pray they give us a sequel to Awakening PS3 only!!