Sun Review: Resistance to this is futile

Sun writes: "Set in 1951 in an alternative, alien-infested, post-war Europe, you play as British mercenary James Grayson in a fight against the evil Chimera. It's an interesting story and a good setting marred by truly awful 'Oi, Guv'nor!' Cockney voice-acting. Like the initially tricky controls, though, once you get over it you'll actually enjoy the game."

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Allowen3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

The controls on this game is not harder to get used to then the ones we found in Resident Evil 5(xbox360/PS3) and if some one is totally without any experience using the PSP's control because they did not play games such Siphon Filter and stuff you can always use a Sixxaxis/DS controler and even play it in a TV this amazing Resistance game for the PSP.