Xbox 360 Sells 391K in Feb

Ahead of official NPD Group industry sales data, Microsoft has claimed to have sold 391K Xbox 360 hardware units during February, an increase of 53 percent over the same month a year ago.

The figure is also up from January 2009, which saw sales of 309K units.

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Omega43500d ago

Where did that boost come from!?

Star Ocean? SFIV? Killzone 2!?

LoVeRSaMa3500d ago

I bet the sales in Wal Mart for beans that have been droped on the floor are also up a similar percentage [=

mint royale3500d ago

god knows about the monthly boost though. GTA?

gaffyh3500d ago

I expected a little more for some reason. $199 vs $399 and it outsells PS3 by 120k?

360 - 391k sold @ $199 = $78,200,000
PS3 - 276k sold @ $399 = $110,124,000

^Just thought I'd point that out, seen as Sony are going for profitability, and Xbox fanboys are going rabid at the NPD numbers.

Daz3500d ago

Does everyone by the arcade 360 version then?

Sibs3500d ago

Does everybody buy the $399 ps3?

The majority of 360 sales are the arcade and the majority of ps3 sales are the $399 one, he's just going for simplicity's sake.

JokesOnYou3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Fisrt of all gaffyh if you're going to talk about profits then you also have to know/include manufacturing costs, or in other words ps3 costs more to make so even though it sales at a higher price point it may or may not be a greater lost in comparison to 360. Higher revenue does not always equal higher profits.

Secondly 360 has 3 different sku's one of which is $399, I'm sure you don't know what the sales ratio is so basicly you FAILED to point out anything significant.


edit: Sibs I always hear the Pro sells best from my local gamestores, either way I have no idea how it does US/worldwide so where is your link stating the Arcade sales the best?, furthermore does it say how much better? Is it 40/30/30 or 80/10/10, or what?, just show me a link, I'm interested in the hard data you have, I mean forgive me for not taking YOUR word for it, I'd just like to see something that backs up your claims. lolz, I mean come on you charachterize him overlooking the obvious fact that there a 3 360 sku's as "he's just going for simplicity's sake" is laughable, almost as if n4g is a new site and we've never seen anyone downplay sales #'s before. lmfao, try harder.= JOY

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3500d ago

WOW a lot more than i thought they sold for the month.

Zeus Lee3500d ago

Good numbers though,at this rate,they'll end this gen with about 35-40 Million Xbox 360 solds.Very respectable considering the Xbox 1 only managed 25 Million by the end of its life.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3500d ago

So a bump of 81k units in a recession isn't significant?

soxfan20053500d ago

More like they will end this year with 40 million.

3500d ago