Are You Ever Too Old For Gaming?

Quote from site: A few years ago, my youngest brother asked me a question in front of my dad about a new video game coming out. Before I could respond by saying that yes, I was excited about its release, my dad interrupted by saying "Eddy's too old to do things like that anymore".

You see, as long as I can remember, people have been telling me that gaming is for kids, or that I'm too old to still be doing it. I don't quite understand the way this works in people's brains, but for some reason, spending my time reading a book or watching TV would be far more acceptable socially than playing an RPG or tea-bagging a dude in Halo 3. Ok, kidding about that last part (mostly), but you know what I mean: people view gaming as a kid's hobby that you "grow out of", given time.

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Uwe_Boll3504d ago

have grown up with games,games are more mature and accepted in society so i think most gamers will play as long as its convenient for them. Several generations later it might be common for a 60+ person to be playing games. The wii proves that it doesn't matter how old you are you can still enjoy video games without being labeled as a nerd.

thebudgetgamer3504d ago

and i dont ever see a time when i will not be intersted in gaming ever


ASSASSYN 36o3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Right with you budget. (30 years old) All my friends on xbox-live are 24 or older. My father is 63 years old and plays on his PC evey weekend online in World in Conflict.

Genesis53504d ago

I'm 44 and have been gaming since pong. I just like to game. I have a hard time just sitting still and watching TV. With gaming you can be entertained and feel like you're part of the story.

Perjoss3504d ago

started gaming at 8 and I'm 36 now, still think there's not enough hours in the day to play all the games I'd like to finish.

Psynapt1k3503d ago

I am 36 and have been gaming since I was about Dad introduced me to a ZX Spectrum 48K at the time and I loved it. My Dad is 66 now and he is also an avid gamer - he mostly enjoys racing games on his PS1/PS2 and PS3... I will game forever aswell...actually cannot wait for the next tech.

It is rather amazing - as a side note - how Sony gaming machines PS1 - PS2 - PS3 have evolved with us as gamers is it not? I mean, PS1 we had as young people, PS2 followed us into adulthood, and PS3 allowed us new tech into our 30s.....

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Covenant3504d ago

I intend to game until they pry the controller from my cold, dead, liver-spotted, arthritic hands.

Kushan3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I'm only 21 (22 in 1 week!) and I've been gaming since I was 3. I don't intend to ever stop. In fact, I'm planning to go the whole hog and make them for a living (I already have worked on a couple of released titles, post-release at least and there's a title being published later this year that I've worked on). Doubt I'll be the next Peter Molyneux, but games are in my blood and if I'm not playing them when I'm older, I'll be making them.

Gamer4lyfe, yo.

Well. Unless all this silly wiimote nonsense stuff catches on. If they get rid of the game pad, I might just be forced to go indie to keep old-school gaming alive.

thebudgetgamer3504d ago

not the sony v microsoft thing, but what nintendo could do to the industry if pubs say screw artistic merit we want cash.


RandomGamer3504d ago

Nintendo scares me with there stupid controllers its like wtf when i play games i want to relax not wave my arms around like a retard ........and the 5000000 shovelware titles on the Wii that sell like a million each are ruining games.

Spydiggity3504d ago

i'll always love gaming. but i do feel like i'm getting too old for the community. probably why i feel it is necessary to mute well over half of the people i meet on live and psn.

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