Are You Ready For A Little R&R?

Veil Entertainment and Spore Productions are pleased to announce the development of Rise & Ruin, an online, card-based, fantasy combat game set for release for both PC and Mac this spring.

'We're excited to be working on a project that combines the best of what we love from three distinct genres,' says Geoffrey MacDougall, Producer and Lead Designer. 'We've had this idea for a while and are pleased that web-based technology has reached the point where we can achieve our vision for strategically complex, character-driven, and fast-paced game play.'

Rise & Ruin will feature 600 attack, defense, and specialty cards building on 4 core combat skills, 4 unique defense skills, 5 diverse magic skills, and 12 specialty categories. The cinematic action and adrenaline-driven sequences triggered by each card will add visual intensity to the strategic card collection and deck-building. The RPG-style character development – skills and attributes that modify the cards – will foster an in-game community similar to those found in more traditional MMOGs.

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