OMGRPG: Ten RPG's We Hope To See At GDC '09 Writes:

"Next week I'll be heading up to the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the Game Developer's Conference 2009. GDC is one of those shows where the devlopers flock but the public doesn't really get access to the games their are hawking, which is a shame. That's why I'm asking you, dear omgRPG readers, what games are you looking for information on? Now's your time to speak up, because next week I will be hip deep in game demos, aqnd won't come up for air until Friday.

I know what games I am interested in seeing, and all of them are listed under the RPG genre. Yeah, I know, surprising, right? Hit the jump to peruse my list of games I'm dying to get my hands on at GDC"

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