TGR News Roundup: Sony Feeling the Economic Crunch, Bioshock 2 Gets Official Name

Sony feels the economic crunch and is forced to make some tough decisions, and also, Bioshock 2 gets its official name.

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SirLarr3596d ago

Sony's totally pulling a Nintendo (Nintendo 64 era, anyway)

tehk1w13596d ago

But the Nintendo 64 was amazing!

Viewtiful3596d ago

heh at least the PS3 is a solid system, that had some bad management decisions. The N64 was pretty much rubbish other than a handful of 1st party games.

tehk1w13596d ago

That's just blaspheme and you deserve to be punched in the uterus for saying that.

Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Ogre Battle, Jet Force Gemeni, Diddy Kong Racing, Snowboard Kids, Blast Corps, etc. etc. etc.

Ocelot39973596d ago

PS3 Wishes it was as good as N64. PS3 is all just non-games...and Heavenly Sword. Even MGS4 flopped, and that's saying something when your console can't even make Metal Gear good.

TheColbertinator3596d ago

N64 ruled.So did Saturn.

Speaking of which,we need a Radiant Silvergun remake

Danja3596d ago

Well put it this way it's better for Sony to cut wages than to lay off...

ne ways the N64 kicked ass , maybe not as much as the PS1 did , but it had some truly amazing games.

ne ways im sure Sony will be fine every other company is feeling the pressure of this recession , even the uber rich M$ ... Sony is still selling alot of PS3's at there current price almost 300K in february thats pretty amazing considering how bad things are economically.

OSIRUSSS3596d ago

The NES was the last Amazing thing Ninty ever created. N64 was cartridge based bullSh!t.

xwabbit3596d ago

@Ocelot3997 lol did u say MGS4 sales flopped ?

(cant believe a used kotaku as a source LOL!)

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SlamVanderhuge3596d ago

Hmm...stll not sold on Bioshock 2. I really hope that the Coop and Multiplayer rumors STAY strictly rumors

SirLarr3596d ago

Agreed. Bioshock was all about being alone and paranoid.

It's like Resident Evil 5 - the game is fun and actioney, but not scary.

CraigC3596d ago

I think Sony have paid for releasing such a powerful blu-ray enabled console. I really like the PS3 and see it as getting a blu-ray player to boot, but even with the economic downnturn, lowering the price was always going to be difficult, and their spies must have known Nintendo and Microsoft were going cheaper...

Mabuti3596d ago

This is really not a surprise for Sony. When you are flushing money down the toilet with your console, you are going to eventually have to take a hit on the front.

thegamereviews3596d ago

Yea but taking a hit in this economic global climate must be really hard on everyone at Sony. I feel for them.

ThePimpOfSound3596d ago

Bioshock 2: The Search for More Money

cain1413596d ago

To be perfectly honest that's probably what this will turn out to be. I loved bioshock. Not sure how I feel about a sequel though...

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The story is too old to be commented.