We're still struggling to meet Wii demand

Nintendo has admitted that it is still struggling to meet consumer demand for the Wii, as the console continues to sell out at retail just as quickly as it arrives.

With demand growing on a weekly basis, Nintendo Europe's senior marketing director Laurent Fischer has told that the company is currently in the process of upping production capabilities.

"We are still struggling to deliver the right numbers of hardware to cope with demand," admitted Fischer.

"We're planning to increase the production capacity but it's not something that can be done in a couple of days. We have to be patient."

"We're delivering new units to market every week and everyone at Nintendo is working really hard to ensure it's harming the consumer as little as possible," he commented.

With the company well on track to reach the six million sales target by the end of March, even Nintendo is surprised by the success of its new home console.

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Robotz Rule4631d ago

Many people buy wii's and sell them on ebay for a 40-50 dollar profit,that's mest up,just leave them on the shelves for people who actually want one,to tell you the truth I hate the wii,I own a premium ps3 and xbox 360,but feel sorry for the people who can't get what they deserve,same as the ps3 lauch,I was in line and I was buying my ps3 to keep it,not to keep it prisoner and sell it for profit,think about it please.

ChickeyCantor4631d ago

you think they care about others? the whole world works like this, if there is money in it they would backstab you on the spot!

its sad, really sad.

bombzombie4631d ago

it won't matter. I just got Tiger Woods golf. Amazing!!! Simply Amazing!! I love the fact that Ninty's is pushing the envelope. Hopefully, this will continue for us PSiii60 owners. :-)