Swiffs Rant - Will more developers make you pay for multiplayer because of Resident Evil 5?

Discussion Topics:
- Capcom making us pay for multi-player in Resident evil 5
- HipHopGamer and N4G
- Jay-z getting into the gaming industry?
- Sony not keen on a price drop
- Sony freezing their employees wages

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snaz273501d ago

no comments yet! well i thought id be kind and watch the erm.... show lol... i agree with the stuff about capcom i will not even buy thier games now let alone thier dlc just out of principle... i may get re5 if i see it cheap preowned in a few months but they still wont be getting a penny off me... the sony freezing prices tho isnt that bad i bet they get paid bundles anyway and im sure they all understand... its better to have a job for the longterm than a bonus for the short term then no job... and why do they really need a price drop? 21 million! units sold and its still selling! it costs more as its a better more reliable more technological system... should top end pc gaming systems drop thier price cos there are cheaper consoles? hell no there better more technological pieces of hardware and the price reflects that... i would say if the ps3 and 360 were exactly the same ie blu ray power web browser wifi rechargable controllers etc then yes sony would have to drop the price as it would be stupid not to!