Remote Play to be added in Firmware 1.6

Tom Kiss of informs that while he was at the ThreeSpeech's event at the PlayStation ThreeRooms in London, Phil Harrison answered some of his questions during the Q and A section. When he asked when the Remote Play from outside the home functionality be implemented, Harrison reportedly said that "Remote Play from wireless hotspots? It's included in the 1.6 update."

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Bigmac5734630d ago

I can't wait to go to class and watch movies I have on my hard disk =)

eclipsegryph4630d ago

And a new era of truancy is born.

Or perhaps not. I don't think that games are causing truancy - just that they make it so much easier. Usually you had to be dedicated to be a slacker in school.

SmokeyMcBear4630d ago

sounds like a neat concept, accessing your ps3's hard drive from anywhere with a hotspot. This means that your ps3 has to be on all the time though right, or at least when you know you are going to be using it from the web. I still want to have it as an extra controller for racing games or used in a game somehow. That would be sweet.

GamerMan4630d ago

Will I use it all the time.. most likely not but having my anime library on my PS3 and being able to access it with my PSP will definitely be a bonus.

MikeGdaGod4630d ago

i'll be using this all day at work.

Cysquatch4630d ago

I know that Remote play in its current state doesn't work with 20g (non-wifi) units. Will this update change that? I mean if someone is using a 20g that's connected via ethernet, will they be able to connect with their PSP at a wi-fi hotspot? I'm thinking it should work.

SmokeyMcBear4630d ago

very good question. I would think so because the psp is connecting via an internet connection, not the wifi.

BIadestarX4630d ago

I'm sorry I do not have the ability to comprehend as much as a Sony fans can. But, considering that the PSP does not have the same button configuration and features (2 analog sticks, sixaxis, 4 shoulder buttons, home button) hare are people suppost to use it as a controller except for arcade games?

SmokeyMcBear4630d ago

well not all games are FPS... Im sure some games.. especially RPG's can be played pretty well. Just look at all the games that are ported to the psp, they found a way. I do envision this more for racing titles. Flying games not so much, becuase of the sixaxis. Broaden your horizons man, there many many different games, played man many different ways. By the way, there is a home button on the psp. But that takes you out of remote play, kinda what the ps button does to get out of a game.

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