148Apps Review: Metal Gear Solid Touch

148Apps writes: "That said, the swelling musical score highlights what is missing from this game - cut scenes! For a series that is known for its story and cinematic splendor (some would say too much splendor), Konami sure has shorted us by not including a single cut-scene from the original! Now I'm not saying we needed one for every level, but the iPhone obviously can play movies - why not tease us with some of the incredible cut scenes from the PS3 version at the beginning of each act? That surely would have gone much further in getting people interested in the console version than what we have here, which ends up forcing us to read abbreviated plot-points to try and puzzle out what the hell is going on from level to level. This is a huge missed opportunity, in my opinion, to draw newbies to the Metal Gear universe into the world. It sure could have gone a long way toward covering up the short-lived levels that presented the atmosphere of this world via decent yet uninspired visuals."

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