Blue Skies for Blu-Ray

As many consumers turned their backs on such popular gifts as digital cameras, MP3 players, and GPS devices last December, one product that many considered a dark horse during the holiday stole the spotlight.

Perhaps Blu-ray players, much like many of the movies available for them, seek to capture the dramatic. With its stunning high-definition picture quality, uncompromised audio and new interative features, Blu-Ray has long had the ability to make consumers drop their jaws.

Now, though, the format is becoming more successful at enticing them to drop their cash.

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resistance1003499d ago

*Waits for the 3 negative Blu-ray articles to appear after this one is published*

JoySticksFTW3499d ago

Might as well add Blu-ray to the "negativity-xxxxx-is-gonn a-fail" crusade

solidjun53499d ago

I'm waiting for 3 negative blue ray articles, one of them submitted by bloodmask.

morganfell3499d ago

Ha ha, you know it is en route as soon as he can throw one on a blog and then submit it.

solidjun53499d ago

well, that's his spiel (sp?), his thing. He'll find some news, but would find the most made up BS and get it approved.

"But But But, Bloodmask submitted real news sometimes!"

Yea...when he has to collect his 500 dollars.

ChozenWoan3499d ago

"In certain parts of the country, Blu-ray has grown to a significant percentage of player sales. In Denver, for example, one of the hottest markets for the technology, Blu-ray players accounted for 24 percent of the total DVD market for the three months ending January 2009."

You will also notice that Denver is also one of the first cities transition to the all digital tv transmission system. As more cities make the change, more HDtvs are sold, more Blu-Rays sell.

Sony couldn't have asked for better timing for the US to change over to DTV. Not only do they have the HD video format, they also have HDtvs for sell and the best players on the market.

To be honest, if MS had placed a HD-DVD in each Xbox360 from day one, Blu-Ray would never have won the format war. The reason Warner backed Sony was due to the large number of Blu-Ray players on the market, thanks in part to the success of the PS3.

cmrbe3499d ago

If MS put in HD-DVD into the x360 HD-DVD would have won. However it would have significantly increase the cost of the x360 and it won't be where they are right now.

MS never really cared about HD-DVD or blu-ray. They only used Toshiba to slow down Sony's blu-ray and PS3 as they believe in DD.

WB backed Blu-ray because at that time blu-ray had at least 70% of the HD format market. Also WB knew that they really had to make a decision because of declining DVD sales and customer confusion over which format to back. Yes and the reason why Blu ray had 70% of the market then is because of the PS3.

Sony is a very smart company. They knew very well that MS had no choice but not to build a HD-DVD into the x360 as not only it would have made the x360 more expensive but also it would have at most also delayed the release of the x360 as well as units avaliable in launch window.

MS trying to counter this released the HD-DVD addon. Obviously it didn't do anything.

Marceles3499d ago

Yeah MS seems to be more about market share and bragging rights regardless of what they have to show for it afterwards. They have the cheaper system yay! They put a slight road block in Blu-Ray's success yay! But at what cost...

morganfell3499d ago

I am not so sure. Had HD DVD been placed in the 360 from the start and MS have practically won the war, they would not have been thumped in worldwide sales the way they were when the PS3 launched. They might not have as many units out but there would have been less of Sony breathing down their neck.

But that was never their goal. The first word from MS didn't mention quality, longevity, or experience. It was, "We will win by being first to market"

They were also fearful of tying the 360's fortunes to HD DVD. And that was the difference. They were too afraid to make that gamble...Sony wasn't.

gano3499d ago

That's how ms rolls,
Think they'll invest in their consumers.

Hell i don't think they trust themselves.

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jBat173499d ago

new movies will always look better in the movie theather.. but for old movies, like the godfather, blu-ray is as good as it gets visually - unless you have a time machine.. and compared planet earth airing on TV, the blu-ray version wins hand-down.. even when viewed on the same tv screen.

morganfell3499d ago

Planet Earth is an utterly breathtaking series. There is something about the theater experience but at the same time I have friends over and we get some snacks and drinks and lounge around the XBR. At 52 inches we get the theater feel, fun, and friends but without the annoying 14 year old girl giggling and texting her stupid friends.

Ven10003499d ago

Even in the midst of a economic downtime, the entertainment industry still thrives. Granted a lot of people see movies still, at $9-$10 a ticket at some places, it's getting a bit expensive to continually see movie after movie. That's why I can't wait for a lot of movies to come out on DVD or Blu-ray so I can just rent them. Watch them with a few friends (if others chip in) and you're talking about pennies here.

jack_burt0n3499d ago

Seriously hdtv without blu just aint the same and please ppl with the xbox hddvd crying, it aint 2007, GET OVER IT.

For the future the added layer capabilities of the technology meaning 450gb+ discs will be backwards compatible give the technology massive legs.