Evidence of new iPhones, new iPod Touch?

The Boy Genius Report writes: "We got this information from one of our awesome Apple ninjas, (yes, that one) and here's the deal… Basically when poking around in the iPhone OS 3.0 restore ramdisk, our guy found evidence of Apple's upcoming hardware revisions. This includes new iPhones and iPod Touches. Yes, it looks like multiple hardware units. Now, this shouldn't be taken as fact - we're posting it for information sake. If we had to bet however, this seems right on."

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peeps3499d ago

kinda hope not cus a just bought an ipod touch lol meaning i could miss out on either getting my current touch in a few months time for much cheaper or a newer model. ah well

jay23499d ago

Same here, 3 days ago. But I wouldn't go for the 32GB if it became cheaper, I'd go new.