Joystiq survey: Xbox 360 E74 errors on the rise since NXE writes: When we recently posted about the Xbox 360's E74 error and asked for your input, we weren't prepared for the staggering response we'd receive. Within a few hours, we had dozens of emails from readers like you who had experienced this particular hardware failure (typically caused, according to unofficial web reports, by a loose scaling chip). It was surprising to touch such a nerve, but what really knocked us for a loop was what we found when we started compiling the data sent to us.

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ape0073502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

this is one of the worst errors I had

afyer it fixed.....2 days lights

I love 360,I love its games but the e74 and other errors really get on my nerves,thank god it work perfectly now :)


don't agree if you are ps3 fanboy

don't disagree if you are 360 fanboy

let's have a nice discussion without headach

Bnet3433502d ago

There is no denying that Xbox 360 has significant hardware failures, but to base this off of just readers of your website? Joystiq is really grasping for straws here.

LeonSKennedy4Life3502d ago

I agreed.

Great games...but they HAVE to do something about these errors!!!

GiantEnemyFlop3502d ago

i will give you bubble+ then

Lifendz3502d ago

I was really optimistic about MS entering the gaming division last gen. Copying CDs onto my Xbox hard drive was so sweet. Heck, having a hard drive was amazing in it of itself. No more memory cards thanks to my Xbox.

This gen it's like MS took four steps forward while taking 7 back. Hopefully the next Xbox isn't as prone to the same problems as the 360.

edgeofblade3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

If they support E74 the same way they support RRoD, that's fine... they could use an image change. On the positive side, the on screen message DOES give the customer more information to fix the issue.

But if they are swapping E74 with RRoD just to avoid the warranty they committed to, that would be pretty dirty.

IdleLeeSiuLung3502d ago

Before people get all wild and blame MS, Joystiq's article is based off less than 50 reported cases. I guess you can extrapolate a lot from nothing....

FOXDIE3502d ago

What are you talking about? And what difference does it make which site reports what their readers experience are?

The site is simple stating that they are getting from their "readers" reports over an error. If this survey was conducted at a larger site, maybe even more people would report it. And lets not forget all the casual people/and children who don´t go to gamesites.

So once more, what difference does it make? As long as its not an biased site.

HighDefinition3502d ago

I just installed it and I don`t really like it. I like the blades better.

StayHigh3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

if you go any gaming message board there is a thread that have over 198 pages long reporting that their 360 RROD and have the E74 error..

here is one

its amazes me how Microsoft can get away with this type of crap..

poor Ralphie may is on his 3rd 360 lol

DJ3502d ago

Once you update to NXE, you can't go back since it's a firmware update, not just a visual option.

harrisk9543502d ago

I'm smelling another class action on the way!

FarEastOrient3502d ago

Atleast it is better than the new iPod Shuffle, that has got to be one of the ugliest gadgets I've seen in awhile!

- Ghost of Sparta -3502d ago

First the RROD and now this. Sad.

nnotdead3502d ago

i dont have or want a 360 but you speak the truth. how many people could just say they have a problem when they dont even own the system. i know the 360 has hardware issues, but lets try to have a more scientific poll if we're going to put it as news.

to be fair they do mention all i just wrote in the article, but i bet a lot of people will just read the head line and yell for one reason or another.

kwicksandz3502d ago

I kept my box well ventilated and dust free but the E 74 still struck =(. And i somewhat agree with their conclusion that the e 74 seems like the new 3 red lights. i also got mine relativley soon after the NXE

I knew 360s had issues when i bought it but i thought falcon fixed it. Guess not..


Had RRoD 2 years ago I have an Xenon no problems but I had this E74 error 2 days after the update when I recently unplugged the Xbox restarted it and it worked again.

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ElementX3502d ago

Because internet surveys are so accurate.......

Hallucinate3502d ago

oh so now surveys are stupid..they werent so stupid with that psn one

El_Colombiano3502d ago


Double standards are great no?

ElementX3502d ago

What PSN survey? i've never trusted online surveys from gaming sites

StayHigh3502d ago

I wouldn't be surprise if this end up being know how many 360 out there that is defective!! its crazy how so many 360 is faulty..

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IdleLeeSiuLung3502d ago

It is clear that this study is highly inaccurate. You have millions of consoles and a study purporting significantly less than 50 consoles reported with this error.

Clearly joystiq, whom I frequently read, is just trying to get hits instead of doing proper research.

Arsenic133502d ago

I thought the reports were in the thousands, and it was actually just double digits. HA. What a croc.

morganfell3502d ago

At one time or another, most sites will publish an article that carries the impression of hit propaganda. However, considering the nature of this piece and the history of joystiq I do not believe that was their aim.

HDgamer3502d ago

I guess some people don't know how surveys are taken. They go after a small selection of people/group. They can't just get everyone in the world who owns a ps3/wii/360/pc to just take the survey. Also online surveys are really not that good, god knows only who's trolling.

Terror2k93502d ago

They just changed the code for red rings of death to try to make more money and skip on the warranty that they pay. I recently got this it acts just like the red rings of death.

hippo243502d ago

and people are agreeing with you?
As far as I'm aware thats illegal, and the fallout for that would be much worse then if they kept paying for the rrod.
I mean its common sense, no sain entrupenure would risk money and Rep on a stunt like that, and MS Is one of the largest companies in the word, and each decission thats made by them is reviewed by hundreds of people. Not to mention that MS is undert tremendous scruitiny being the largest software provider.

No, just no, go head back to your Hardy Boy books and read about the loch ness monster.

edgeofblade3502d ago

Way to call bullshit. Let's not indict MS for cheating on the warranty until they ACTUALLY cheat on the warranty. The whole MS=evil angle is well and truly worn out.

JHUX3502d ago

i guess what you could say it is basically the RROD. Same symptons, except with this you get to pay for returns!

Kushan3502d ago

Not likely, the E74 is not a new error at all, it was just overshadowed by the RROD. Plus, as the ARTICLE states, many people are still reporting the RROD post-NXE, so if Microsoft did change something, what gives?

Considering the "peak" reports of E74 in this article are 15 in one month, out of what, 25-30MILLION consoles out there (Conservative estimates of 25million consoles puts that at a MASSIVE 0.00006% failure rate), I'd say this is hyperbole designed to get hits and relying on people's assumptions of the 360's unreliable hardware. It's probably no more prolific than failing BR drives on the PS3, which I'm sure Joystiq (or a similar site) did a similar piece on as well.

REALgamer3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

After all, when I got the RROD the entire console froze including anything on screen.

E74 actually displays the error on screen, meaning it's still capable at the point of error to display output. RROD just totally froze / crashed everything so nothing whatsoever responded or appeared on screen.

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