Weaknesses System Removed From Champions Online

IncGamers' interview with Bill Roper has confirmed that the weaknesses system, previously set to give you boosts to power in return for taking heavy damage from certain types of attacks, is no longer in the game.

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Leord3502d ago

Oh, that's a shame. I really like that idea in principle!

As for the actual system, I guess that it's quite easy to abuse...

Malfurion3502d ago

Only when designing the nemesis, I can't see a chance for abuse otherwise. Every superhero needs a weakness!

Cogo3502d ago

It's weird that no one have picked up on this before. I think it was ages ago this was announced...

Maticus3502d ago

No way! That was a very cool feature, what a shame it's gone.

Cogo3502d ago

It sure had a lot of potential. It would make your character feel a little bit more "human", even if this isn't what most go for, but also it oculd mean you had something you'd have to look out for, so you were not exposed to your weakness, and in turn getting even stronger powers in other fields.

Fyzzu3502d ago

It does kinda suck that this is gone :/ Superheroes aren't really superheroes without weaknesses. Would've been great for character, but it would have to have been very carefully balanced.

thetamer3502d ago

How the hell can you defeat any of them?

USMChardcharger3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago ) of the best features from the pin and paper game removed. not really champions without it.
i played this as a kid...the weakness system really helped define you character.

examples...cyclops (x-men) can't control his eye beams with out special made glasses. a werewolf can only change with a full moon. your guy might have a drug addiction, ect.

went back and read the article...the weakness system sounds nothing like what was in the pin and paper game. or at least sounds like a watered down version.