GamesAreEvil Review of Killzone 2

GamesAreEvil writes, "Ever since Killzone 2 debuted via a CG trailer at E3 2006, the project has been burdened by the expectations of PlayStation 3 owners everywhere. Not only has the game garnered talk of "Halo killer," but it has been tagged as one of the first to truly make use of the PS3's cell processors. Along with harnessing the extra processing power comes Sony's personal guarantee that everything will look stunning and realistic. Fortunately, the very capable team over at Guerrilla Games has been hard at work, hoping to deliver an experience unparalleled on the console. It has truly proven to be one of the few glimmers of life in an otherwise abysmal PlayStation 3 lineup...."

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CrAppleton3499d ago

Wow.. a perfect score.. never seen that before on GrE

bgrundman3499d ago

I think only Dawn of War 2 has gotten that as well... but I would have to look.

Neco5123499d ago

I've seen a lot of good things about this one. Is it a system seller though?

supercharger51503499d ago

yes, Dawn of War 2 has gotten that

bgrundman3499d ago

This was one of the reasons that I bought my PS3... so yes, it was for me!

chrisnick3499d ago

does that say "otherwise abysmal ps3 lineup"? i don't even need to explain how huge of a fail that is.

fishd3499d ago

Make sure to use this as your homepage :

you gonna need it for rest of the year,so many awesome PS3 games are coming:D

StephanieBBB3499d ago

And if I could go back in time to the era of Halo 1 I would punch those reviewers that started this bullcrap in the face.

Im with David jaffe on this one.

Microsoft Xbox 3603499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

You need to realize that 5/5 does not mean a perfect game. It perfected in scores but don't get it mixed up with a perfect game. Obviously no game is perfect.

Why don't you guys get it? When you turn in your English paper and scored a 100, it doesn't mean the perfect paper. Hell no it ain't, but as the professor, he seems to think its excellent in his opinion. Ever heard of extra credit? That's simply it.

sonarus3499d ago

Who cares about the score...the game is great

StephanieBBB3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

You can't compare it like that m8. In this case the score is ment to help people decide on if the game is good or not. If everyone rate it like they do now the scores are pretty much useless. Being a reviewer is to critizise games for thier flaws and praising them for what they do perfectly in thier specific genre. Not buying in to the hype and giving the game a good score just because you "like" it.

This all boils down to that some reviews will make the game, other games to come and the public an disshonest by rating it a perfect 10.

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CrAppleton3499d ago

Looks like shooter fans finally have something to be proud of on the PS3! :D

bgrundman3499d ago

this multiplayer will finally allow people to retire resistance and resistance 2.

Neco5123499d ago

I guess it's great news for PS3 owners. Good thing Xboxers have been enjoying shooters like this for years

CrAppleton3499d ago

Yeah.. that's true.. they have :)

SiLeNt KNighT3499d ago

"like this", its obvious you havent played Kz2 yet. Power Rangers 640p isnt close to the same. everybody has hopes and dreams, its probably just easier to not be a fanboy and simply get a ps3 though.

nycredude3499d ago

Maybe you guys should play the game first before you comment on it, whether negatively or positively. Until you play this game you won't know how pure of a fps this is. Buy the Ps3, play the game, then come back and talk about it. Until then you're just talking out your ass.

For everyone who complains there aren't anything to do on the Ps3 stop being cheap and buy some games "gamers". Keyword games.

redsquad3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Neco, I've been playing Resistance FOM since the release of the PS3, and bought COD4 at the same time as people who own a 360. So I've been playing shooters on my console of choice "for years" too!

And "useless hunk of plastic" from the evil clown beneath me... *sigh* Straight after saying he didn't have a PS3 too, thus rendering his statement utterly null and void.

Ju3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

There is no need to retire R2, the most underrated game of last year, IMO. I just tried it a couple of days ago, again. I have yet to move on in the competitive play there (have 1.6M XP on co-op but only 150K in comp).

Its just a different game, I'd wish Insomniac takes the time and looks at KZ2 lobby system and and brushes up their matchmaking and the And then its all good.

The funny thing is, now that I play for some points in KZ2 I have improved my R2 play as well (and want to get some more points there, too).

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roblef3499d ago

Dang it! I've been avoiding buying for the PS3. I may have to give in.

bgrundman3499d ago

It would be well worth it.

CrAppleton3499d ago

I may have to dust mine off HAHA

supercharger51503499d ago

Still not sold :P due to one game... Takes more than that to buy me.

bgrundman3499d ago

You shouldn't have to be won over on a console... the system's growing library should do that for you.

iHEARTboobs3499d ago

Obviously you've missed out on all the past games released for the PS3. Hopefully you don't miss out on future releases also.

CrAppleton3499d ago

If I could only keep one, the PS3 would NOT be that one.. but I do like my PS3, haven't gotten enough use out of it though

chrisnick3499d ago

no......just no.....the titles since last year have been non-stop and AAA for the most part....u don't want to be won over...u just want to say its still not good enough. have your opinion but don't call ur "high standards"(which is ironic since u probably own an xbox...mine got the new E-74 so im through with it)the ps3's short-comings...u either don't want one...or can't get one yet...that's no reason to talk as if we're still in 2007.

supercharger51503499d ago

Thanks for thinking you know me and my situation. Have fun playing your over priced, under used hunk of plastic

beatrixkiddo3499d ago

Even if I just count the minutes of watching Blu-ray movies on my 50" HD Plasma my PS3 Triples my 360 usage. As far as gaming goes, I did play Gears 2(had a blast!)last year on my Xbox but i haven't touched it since. Too busy playing KZ2, Motorstorm:PR, R2, Replaying Uncharted, and Finally Bought MGS4 (Wow is all i have to say about that game!!). A friend told me that Fable 2 is fun but i'm not really into wizards, goblins, fairies and such, so may wait for Alan Wake to play Xbox again. I hate, and I mean HATE halo!!! Just my opinion. I might have liked it years ago during my Mario years but I've grown up, and am now a man.

redsquad3499d ago

Buy a console just for KZ2???
If UNCHARTED, HEAVENLY SWORD, GT PROLOGUE, WIPEOUT HD, RESISITANCE 1 and 2 and RATCHET & CLANK (to name but a few) haven't convinced you that the PS3 is a very worthy purchase for anyone genuinely interested in games then I really don't think you ever will be.

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roblef3499d ago

So, what are the flaws? Any?

bgrundman3499d ago

There are some, but the good outweighs the bad I guess... :-S

CrAppleton3499d ago

I hope the good really does outweigh the bad for the score.. jebus

redsquad3499d ago

Short SP campaign (relatively speaking): Around 7-8 hours on standard difficulty.
Settings aren't as diverse as KZ1. Delibertaely so I might add, as Helghan is bleak and inhosbitable unlike the lush contrasts of Vekta (the jungle, snow, city parks etc. settings of KZ1)

Can't fault the online side of it though.

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Spydiggity3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

does EVERY killzone 2 review have to start exactly the same way?

"Ever since the trailer of 2006, expectations have been high for killzone 2. could it live up to these expectations?"

do all these websites and magazines hire the same writer?

@guy below me: because you are a retard...and a fanboy. though, those things seem to be synonymous with one another. and your inability to spell even small words like 'more' was becoming bothersome. AND because you're one of those ppl who feels like he NEEDS to have the last word and i got tired of you replying to things just to continue an argument that had long since ended.

fishd3499d ago

Hi,how do you do?!why did you block me:P

fishd3499d ago

Nice,I see you are still crying:D

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