Far Cry 2 Fortunes Pack Hits Steam

A new downloadable content pack is available to download for the Steam version of Far Cry 2.

The update includes new weapons, vehicles and multiplayer maps.

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Leord3501d ago

That's a pretty nice little piece of DLC!

Fyzzu3501d ago

Not bad, but I'm not sure I'd pay that price. I wasn't that big a fan of Far Cry 2 to begin with :/

Leord3501d ago

Oh, I didn't read the article first. Well, I think you're right. I think I'm too frugal to pay anything like that for that content, since you don't get any physical ownership of it...

AndyA3501d ago

I wasn't convinced initially (the malaria system was irritating) but it gets better throughout. Except for the voice acting, which is mostly appalling. It's like they offered the voice actors some kind of bonus to get all their lines done as quickly as possible. Everyone speaks so fast!

TheIneffableBob3501d ago

How would one have physical ownership of downloadable content?

AndyA3501d ago

Anyone know if Ubi's planning on releasing this for the console versions?

M337ING3501d ago

It's been on the consoles for two months...

thetamer3501d ago

When did that go live? Is this a coming to consoles?

Leord3501d ago

I got the impression it's only PC atm...

Tee7soo3501d ago

im going to download it for free hhhh .

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