23 amazing game soundtracks you don't remember

GamesRadar writes: "We're pretty damn passionate about our game music here at Radar, so we find it frustrating that some of our favourite sounds often fall by the wayside when it comes to widespread recognition. Certain games and composers are (deservedly) lauded on a consistent basis, but other, equally good, music never seems to be mentioned. Sometimes the game was too obscure, sometimes the music was too leftfield, and sometimes the tunes were just overshadowed by rival works, or even better-celebrated elements of their very own games.

So we decided to put that right. Over the next few pages you'll find 23 of our favourite overlooked soundtracks, with the reasons they deserve your attention and the reasons they perhaps haven't grabbed it yet. So take some time out, sit back, open your ears up and enjoy."

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Cajun Chicken3501d ago mention of Wild 9...Tommy Tallarico rocks.

Mike Wallace3501d ago

Listening to Angelo Badalamenti's score made me feel like I was in a David Lynch movie.

Really incredible.

Rockox3501d ago

I was always partial to the main themes from Maniac Mansion and Zak McCracken.

Video Games Live FTW!

mannytheuncanny3501d ago

I agree with all your choices. My favorite of all time...ECCO on Sega CD.

prunchess3501d ago

For a dance game the music is top notch. I use a couple for ringtones on my phone.