SONY PlayStationEYE: Missed Opportunities

Why has SONY not ported ANY of their PS EyeToy games over to the PS3?

Seems to me they have a huge back catalogue of games that they could either release as a super disc (BD having all that room) or as $5 individual DLC off of PSN or as a bundle with the EYE ala WiiPlay.

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blackpanther253500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

they could have done more, but i mean they really don't care about it. They are the only one that have games specifically for the eye(also the eye has built in speakers). They came out with judgment(a bad a$$ yugi-oh like game) and coming out with the eyepet.

Competition, that is what it comes down to. If M$ did more with their webcam, sony would as well. As of right now the eye is better than the M$ webcam and they don't feel the need to improve

Cajun Chicken3500d ago

Tell me about it. My PSEye has pretty much nothing to do as a full controller but wait for EyePet.

I would love this type of stuff reffered on this article. Here's hoping 'Eyedentify' still exists too. I'm pretty sure the PSEye is going to see some action this year.

ryanpmulvey3500d ago

or microphones enough. Honestly they should be included in the box along with an HDMI. I use the camera for a mic when I play warhawk or any game when my headset is dead. Sony is blowing it.

GrabthroatShinkicker3500d ago

But HDMI cables are expensive! Even factoring in their bulk purchasing power, that'd cost Sony like a buck to add a real cable to the PS3 box! :)

Of course, it'd save the typical HD-ready consumer about $20-50.

imabeast483500d ago

HDMI cables can go for like 5 bucks. its not that expensive to include with a ps3

ChozenWoan3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

If... correction... when Sony makes Backwards Compatibility standard again, then the PS3 will immediately have access to all those games.

I just wish the PSI came with PC drivers.

Now that I think about it, I have seen a use for the PSI recently that should be used ASAP. Sony can use the PSI for head tracking to make games seem to be in 3d without glasses and fancy gizmos. With the right games, this would really rock.

blackpanther253500d ago

it does have pc driver. The drivers are user created just like with the controllers. I use the controllers for to play L4D sometimes.

Galvanise3500d ago

there will be an app available from the Playstation Store that will allow the PSeye to allow the player to use the XMB via hand motions. Eyepet is also on the way, as well as a few other behind closed doors projects. Sony London are working on more than one, for instance.

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