TechRadar: Update Tested: Chrome vs IE8 vs Firefox 3.1 vs Safari 4


"Just last week we compared four PC browsers and concluded that IE8 was the slowest, Safari the fastest and Firefox the most expandable - but we thought that Chrome was nipping at everyone else's heels.

A week is a long time on the Internet, though, and we now have two even newer browsers. Internet Explorer 8 has moved from release candidate to final release, and Chrome 2 is now available as a beta rather than a "might work, might not" developer release. Both browsers promise to be faster than before, but are they fast enough to unseat Safari - or useful enough to fight Firefox? There is, of course, only one way to find out."

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Lord Anubis3500d ago

Winner: Firefox, just
So have the new builds of IE8 and Chrome changed our minds about our favourite browser? Not really. Chrome narrowly pips Safari for the fastest browser crown, but Firefox's add-ons still do it for us: while there's a clear difference in performance when you run the benchmarks, on a reasonably specified PC all four browsers run perfectly quickly. It's a different story on netbooks, though, where Chrome is noticeably faster than IE or Firefox.

If add-ons matter, Firefox is still our pick for desktop browsing; if you prefer speed and simplicity, have a netbook or can be bothered installing an ad-blocking proxy then Chrome is the one to try.