PSP and iPhone Not Competing, says SCEA's Peter Dille

GameDaily.BIZ writes: "With over 30 million sales of iPhone OS devices out there, Apple's platform has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the portable field. The company itself has even argued that the iPhone is the future compared to singular gaming devices like the DS and PSP and the iPod Touch has been mused to be the "final nail in the PSP's coffin." Speaking to GameDaily BIZ, however, Senior Vice President of Marketing and PlayStation Network Peter Dille didn't think there was much reason for concern."

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DelbertGrady3596d ago

Squareface is at it again.

MikeMichaels3596d ago

Here comes the slew of news submissions from a bunch of different blogs/forums and so called gaming sites.

Each based off a different comment...from the same interview.

mushroomwig3596d ago

Of course they're not competing, they are two very different systems, I would never consider the Iphone anywhere near the PSP as a gaming device.

Panthers3596d ago

Seriously, who goes "hmmm should I get the Iphone or PSP?"

They are not competing.

ZombieNinjaPanda3596d ago


Most people with the money get both XD

One for music and calling others, the other for games.

TheMART3596d ago

Agreed. I own two PSP's, a Fat and a Slim both white and I love to smash buttons and use real analog sticks, hit bumpers.

iPhone having touch screen is great for its purposes, but not for gaming. Look at MGS mobile. You put your fingers on the stuff, and you take away vision which many times makes it less playable.

iPhone has some games that fits touch screen. But overall it does the other swiss arm knifes things and having a phone. I'll pick my 3G up this weekend, jailbreak it and use it as a modem on my laptop. Thats what makes it special, the games not so much.

Doesn't compete with the PSP, agreed.

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