Shadowrun Updated Q&A--Multiplayer, Achievements, and Live Support

Microsoft this week revealed the plans for Games for Windows - Live, the Windows Vista version of its popular Xbox Live online service. One of the highlights of Games for Windows - Live is that it will support cross-platform gameplay, meaning that Xbox 360 and Windows Vista players can play one another online. The first game to support this will be Shadowrun, a multiplayer-oriented first-person shooter by Microsoft's internal FASA team. Shadowrun will pit two factions, the RNA Corporation and the Lineage, in a battle for a South American city. Both sides will have magical abilities and high-tech weapons, which should deliver a pretty dynamic gameplay experience as players teleport through walls, resurrect the fallen, and more. With the game set to ship in the first half of 2007, Gamespot turned to Bill Fulton, the user interface and matchmaking designer for Shadowrun, for more information on the game's multiplayer.

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