Camera phone screen shot of Unreal Tournament running on PS3

Article from techreport:

The demo looked pretty good, although maybe a little too much like past versions of UT. Frame rates were decent but not great, perhaps in the high 20s or low 30s, and the PS3 wasn't doing any antialiasing or anisotropic filtering. The Sony rep I talked with said such things would be added later, after the game had been optimized for performance.

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Funky Town_TX4630d ago

I'm not a fan of UT but it looks good. I have never liked the game play of UT in the past. I never liked the speed of the game.

achira4630d ago

i know the game will be so awesome, cant wait for it. epic please speed up.

DJ4630d ago (Edited 4630d ago )

you can hear the Epic Games rep talking about the advantage of having a Hard Drive as standard in every PS3. Something about constant access---then they started shooting. It looks awesome, but I agree that the framerate needs a little work. Nothing horrible, but still noticeable. Back in Feb 06 it was running at 45 FPS, unoptimized. Maybe they threw away the old rendering system and are using the multi-core rendering system they developed during Gears of War production? That would make more sense. Right now they're playing catchup on PS3 development since so many resources and staff from the UT team were re-allocated to help finish up Gears.