Xbox 360 Elite Resident Evil 5 SKU sold out at Amazon

Retailer on Wed. sold out of Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 Elite Limited Edition SKU that includes Capcom Co.'s Resident Evil 5 on high demand for the product.

On Wed., the item was available for purchase only through a third-party retailer at price above the MSRP.

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morganfell3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

A lame story. The RE model peaked at 33 and dropped off.

It never passed the PS3. The sell out means low stock, not high demand. The PS3 has been outselling EVERY 360 sku. When I submit a story about the PS3 outselling all 360 models on Amazon I expect to see all of the people that approved this story approve that one.

3504d ago
JokesOnYou3504d ago

honestly Amazon doesn't really give you alot to go on, basicly unless its consistently in the top 5 to 10 or so you really can't get any indication of how good its total sales will be for the month in the US since Amazon sales fluctuate alot. For example wii & wii fit is consistently at or near the top and obviously monthly NPD shows wii dominating, while most of the time I've looked at the bestsellers since the holidays I've noticed ps3 usually ahead of 360 sometimes by quite a few spots on the list but monthly NPD still favors 360, obviously because Amazon is a poor indicator since its one retailer and also theres no way to tell how much difference in sales there is between each #spot on the list.= Why submit Amazon?


morganfell3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Your high demand limited edition could not outsell the standard PS3. Now that is some news.

And as for using the word 'moron' Open Zone =====>

WildArmed3504d ago

It sold out, thats good enough for me.
Either way, I didnt like Re5.. why am i here? *goes back to*

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