Champions Online Nemesis Battles To Be "PvP Style"

IncGamers report, following their interview with Bill Roper, that the climactic Nemesis battles in Champions Online are going to play out like PvP fights.

"They don't do things like a lot of AIs you see that are on timers or other shticks, but they actually use powers, use cooldown, and react just like a player does in terms of how they use their powers and what you're doing," according to Roper.

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Maticus3502d ago

AI is getting better all the time, scary really. But good for us gamers!

Leord3502d ago

I'm getting Teriminatr-shivers when I hear that, and see things like this:

AndyA3502d ago

Nice idea. Whether the AI will hold up to scrutiny is another question.

Leord3502d ago

Well, it's always an issue with games. We'll just have to see if it is as good as Bill promises or not.

Leord3502d ago

That's really impressive. Still, since the nemeses are player-made, perhaps they can tilt the odds in their favour when designing it?

Godmars2903501d ago

I'm curious on how this nemesis is going to be inserting themselves into the player's game. Will they just show up in the middle of a mission, join up with mission enemies, or turn out to be the "boss" of the mission which could effect how it would otherwise normally play out?