Bill Roper Responds To Champions Online PS3 Rumours

IncGamers interviewed Bill Roper earlier this week, and during the interview, they asked him about the possibility of forthcoming PC and 360 MMO Champions Online coming to PS3 - particularly with regards to prior news that a job offer for a PS3 programmer appeared on Cryptic's site.

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Maticus3501d ago

It seems pretty likely that there will indeed be Champions Online on the PS3, which makes complete sense. Why limit it to the Xbox 360?

Leord3501d ago

Yeah, was gonna say that as well. Unless they (M$) pay them a very nice fee for XBOX exclusiveness, then I think we can count on a PS3 appearance.

barom3501d ago

I think they (MS and Cryptic) used to have a deal as this was initially the Marvel MMO that got cancelled (and they turned it into Champions Online). And I'm guessing that ever since they were acquired by Atari, they (or Atari) are looking to go multiplatform. Which would seem like a logical step

Leord3501d ago

Well, hiring a person specifically for PS3 just to have an inhouse guy to check out the situation... Really?

AndyA3501d ago

Yeah, it's blatantly on the cards.

creeping judas3501d ago

Doesn't make sense to me, as isn't Champions Online in direct competition with I think it's Marvel Universe Online. Why have two very similiar games on the same console?? Especially a MMO, that has limited fan base on a console and would cost $$/mnth to play.

mcgrawgamer3501d ago

in competition. but the same could be said with DC universe online for the ps3.

Anon19743501d ago

What the hell is Champions Online?
And who exactly plays all these MMO games anyway? I'm a 30 something gamer, I know plenty of other 30 something gamers. I don't know a single person who plays MMO games, and yet somebody's playing them. I just can't see myself ever paying a subscription fee to play a game I already bought, and with so many great games available who on earth wants to pay to play that same game over and over again.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me...

ceedubya93501d ago

I've actually kept up with Champions for a bit. It looks really interesting. I'll probably get it for 360. I'll probably get DC for PS3 too. I really like the concepts for these games. The fees and massive amounts of time I would have to put into them are what have me a little wary of these types of games.

I don't play games every day, and paying a fee for a game that I don't know I'll be able to put the maximum effort into is a hard pill to swallow.

Anon19743501d ago

I just don't have the time needed to commit myself to these type of games, certainly not enough time to justify paying a monthly fee. I've got games I got for Christmas that I'm dying to play but haven't even booted up yet for almost 3 months now. With so many great games out there why would you bother with one you had to pay for, which would then force you to play it to justify the fee. Why not just buy games and play them at your leisure without worrying about subscriptions. Do these type of games really offer an experience that can't be found with regular games? Is the social aspect really something you'd pay extra for? Again...maybe it's just me.

silvacrest3501d ago

ask that same question to the MILLIONS who pay for there WoW sub every month also consider all the other health MMO's with subs

i used to play city of heroes and there was enough adults and kids willing to pay for that every month so yeah, maybe it is just you

P.S most MMO players think the regular updates justify the sub and i agree

evrfighter3501d ago

ya I myself have not met much mmo gamers outside of an mmo. But they're there. Just because you've not met much of the 12 million people that play wow. Doesn't mean they don't exist.

ud3501d ago

"Do these type of games really offer an experience that can't be found with regular games?"

What I like about MMOs is the customization. Every good MMO has that and you can really play differently than others.

But the best feature about those monthly fees is that you're paying for an evolving game. Not that the game isn't complete, but they add "Downloadable content" (I guess you could say) so it's kind of an endless expansion.

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ceedubya93501d ago

But it really doesn't need to. The PS3 will already have DC Universe Online, and also The Agency. That there is enough. It would probably be in direct competition with DC, and I don't like those odds.

Its better served as a PC, 360 game in which it can hog its own spotlight.

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