An Australian Parents' Group Slams House Of The Dead Overkill

As reported by the Melbourne Herald-Sun, Pro Family Perspective director Angela Conway is leading the charge against HOTD:O. The game recently set a Guinness Book record for profanity.

Ms Conway goes on to say "The gaming industry has been mischievously misrepresenting the classification system on this issue."

All this is very interesting in the face of the Australian government refusing to allow a rating that would represent 18 plus. Presumably because no-one over 18 plays games. The comments on this article are well worth reading.

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Awookie3498d ago

Don't these people have anything better to do. Parent your kids how you want and don't force your crazy ideals on others

LeonSKennedy4Life3498d ago

What you're talking about is commonly referred to as "anarchy" and is, in fact, a poor life decision.

Hey, if you want to try it...go ahead.

Awookie3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

Its more called ethics the natural laws developed through years of evolution. People know what actions are considered bad and what is good, you don't see animals killing and stealing from one another. And many animals have realized living just for yourself is not very effective, like us.

michellejbuss3498d ago

At least anarchy would be your own bad life decision, the way things are headed we are are starting to resemble a dictatorship and then someone else makes bad life decisions for you.

tapdis3498d ago

who would of ever expect a Nintendo game to get a Guinness record for profanity NICCCEEE!

michellejbuss3498d ago

Yeah that does have a certain humorous irony.

Highatus3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

See what happens when you introduce 'casual gaming' to the masses?

RandomGamer3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

It's just like that dude who loves the joker and killed himself or something like that they said its not fault of the Batman movies........... yet games are evil, Cause u know theres no violence in Movies nowadays is there.....When will these retards get outta the 80s and realize there games aren't for just kids.

Also wtf is wrong with parents today trust me your kids are evil little bastards because of the massive amounts of drugs and the massive amounts of alcohol they consume.

tapdis3498d ago

ya, so true man. these days all you see kids do is smoke an drink its like everybody is going stupid now. unbelievable.......just cause they want to act "cool" LOL

Awookie3498d ago

What does drugs an alcohol have to do with being evil? Some of the nicest kids i know use drugs recreational while propaganda commercials and assholes like you try and make them look like criminals, they aren't hurting anybody.

RandomGamer3498d ago

Really assholes like me tell the truth I'm afraid,yeah perhaps like 10-20% of the losers that waste there money on drugs are somewhat normal but the rest are always looking for their next fix and don't care who they have to hurt to get it and if u don't realize that you best watch the news once in a while or look around to see how most ppl deal with there drug habits it's not too nice.

Also what a dumb thing to say big deal your friends don't bother anyone when there on drugs so that means u are friends with every drug dealer in the world?Did u even think i may be speaking from experience and have friends and ppl i went to school with all f***ed up and do u know what the asshole druggies did around here last year in A F***ING KIDS PLAYGROUND they put syringes in between benches so the kids would sit on them and put them in the sand box and it seems to be getting worse so yeah im sorry im an asshole and don't think to highly of drug users so all i have to say is go f*** yourself,and if by some miracle you live in an area where drugs are just magic and don't cause harm to ppl and make those ppl hurt others then yeah good for you i wish the world was like that.

Awookie3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I would call it more like 90% is normal. Sure i know the tweakers your talking about (one of my friends lied about being addicted to coke/heroin to become friends with kids, f**king psychopath) but they end up in and out of juvie/jail. And i wouldn't call the tv news a true form of news they spin the hell out of stories (especially ones that involve drugs) to make them get hits they are a business like everyone else.

In conclusion i don't understand how you can say the illegal drug trade is so bad while 40 times as many people are dieing from alcohol, prescription drugs and tobacco (and I,m sure they are trying to blame as many deaths as they can on illegal drugs) i guess if u put on a fake smile, talk smooth and wear a suit you win over a majority of the population. But i find these high level business people passively getting people addicted leading to death are the truly evil people.

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