Japanese Charts: Warriors Orochi Z On Top As PS3 Leads The Way

Gamasutra Reports - The Japanese sales charts continue to go Sony's way this week, with PlayStation platforms taking the majority of the top 10: three on the PlayStation 3 and three on the PSP.

The number one this week is what's known in the West as Warriors Orochi Z, the latest entry in Koei's crossover series between the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises. The game is not a full sequel but a combination of the previous two titles - which were not released on the PS3 - with additional new content. The game sold 112,000 units in its first week.

With the PS3 version of Resident Evil 5 falling only one place to number two with 61,000 unit sales (the Xbox 360 version is at number 12), the second highest new entry of the week is Rittai Picross on Nintendo DS at number three. The new 3D version of the popular puzzle game series sold 38,000 units in its first week.

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SoapShoes3498d ago

Surprise @ Resistance Retribution. A game like that, I would not think be popular there... Or at least make it into the top 10. Good for Sony. :)

pwnsause3498d ago

well resistance was the first PS3 game at launch and resistance did sell well there.

crillyconlig3498d ago

know quality and will buy quality and this shows that

table3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

they know quality hardware. quality games on the other hand...

3498d ago