Why We Game - The Pause Button

Loot Ninja writes:

"Like almost anyone else I know, I spend an unnecessary amount of time stressing over what is often the most convoluted and impractical series of, "what ifs," and, "I should haves," and whatever else rests itself on the most paranoid corners of my mind at the moment. I will worry about money, worry about life, worry about health, worry about other people, worry about…well, you get it. Faith and logic should be, and often are, enough to give me the serenity I need to kick that shit out of my mind, but when something is front and center in my series of things to be concerned over, it will often just loom somewhere in my consciousness, like a dark cloud. I will watch TV, listen to music, exercise, but it still lingers like a turd that won't flush.

There is, however, one activity that I find is the only thing that will clear my mind; that's right, video games."

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drunkpandas3499d ago

Nice article. I'm very much the same way in letting video games put the worries of life on pause.

iiprotocolii3499d ago

Been raping kids in Killzone 2 and COD4. During tough times, when my woman's not around to hold me, and I'm no longer in the mood to force-hugh my pillow and sob, gaming does it for me. Tough times indeed, my friend. Tough times indeed.

mabreu3499d ago

Too much BS talk out there that has very little to do about what really matters. We play games because their fun and relaxing, It is not an escape from the harshness of our daily lives. It just puts us in a healthy state of mind so we can deal with our personal problems better.


rockleex3499d ago

Pause button as much as any other hobby/activity. And that's not a bad thing.

I just can't understand why non-gamers are so quick to downplay gaming. Imagine if someone said that books were for sissies, or that football is for arrogant bastards that need to show off, etc. -_-'

iiprotocolii3499d ago

Gaming can contribute as an anti-stressor. Regardless of what anyone would say, when you're gaming you're thinking about just one thing - kicking the crap out of whatever's on the screen. That's why that "pause" works - because no matter what problems you might have, gaming can, if even for a handful of minutes, pry your mind away from problems. They'll exist after, of course. But its those couple of minutes that can sometimes count.

Great article.

drunkpandas3499d ago

Definitely true. Street Fighter IV has been there for me this week while I've been dealing with some issues. If it wasn't for for gaming, I'd probably be in a much worse mood this week.

The_Devil_Hunter3499d ago

Its true, when school is beggining to be a pain in the a**, RE4 was there, when I broke up with my girlfriend DMC4 was there, & this week I just got in a fight with my bro, & RE5 was there, thank god for gaming!!


jrsenkbe3499d ago

Its amazing that so many non-gamers cant view this the same way. Just because we choose to play games, doesn't mean were any different that someone who chooses to read, watch a movie, workout, etc...

We just love our games and need a break from the world like everyone else, the problem they are sometimes painted as a bad thing is because some people who cant tell real from fantasy act out the fantasy in real life and then look for a scapegoat.

Rockox3499d ago

I tend to see gaming as a far less passive form of entertainment when compared to watching a movie or reading a book. It's a good feeling knowing that you've progressed through the story of a game by doing it yourself, and by playing an active role in that story's outcome.

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