Shane Kim talks about Halo 3 in September and buying BioWare

Shane Kim on Halo in September and buying BioWare. Is BioWare working on a PS3 title? Did MS passing on Heavenly Sword? Ya gotta read on to find out.

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DJ4632d ago (Edited 4632d ago )

Their previous title, Kung Fu Chaos, didn't sell very many copies. You can thank the death of Crimson Skies and MechAssault for this very reason as well. According to Peter Moore, Microsoft only feels comfortable supporting companies if they meet financial expectations; quality of the titles didn't seem to be important. Good thing Sony counterbalances that to a certain extent (Shadow of the Collosus for example).

InMyOpinion4632d ago

The big difference is that both Crimson Skies and MechAssault were great games. Kung Fu Chaos was crap. Heavenly Sword looks great, but who knows if it will have playability to match its looks? Would still love to see a follow up to Crimson Skies.

techie4631d ago

Kung Fu Chaos was quite critically acclaimed actually.

Gameplay for heavenly Sword? I'd think they'd have got it there after 4 years in development.

ImTheNumber124631d ago

I'm glad it is staying a ps3 exclusive.

nicodemus4632d ago

Take it easy, okay. Just take it easy...

marionz4632d ago

heavenly sword is the one ps3 game i would have liked on 360! oh well hurry up with masseffect that will keep me happy

nice_cuppa4632d ago

with games like too human and ninja gaiden 2 and kingdom underfire circle of doom ???

how many 3rd person action games do ms need ???

nicodemus4632d ago

I would take Ninja Gaiden 2 over Heavenly Sword any day of the week!

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The story is too old to be commented.